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E3 2012: Nintendo Announces the Wii U, Pro Controller and Online Service

Nintendo officially announced the Wii U at its pre E3 press conference… Below you can see what the official production model will look like.

Here is a list of the Wii U feature highlights:

  • Touchscreen
  • Physical game controller buttons and joysticks
  • NFC
  • IR controls for TV
  • Optional Pro controller
  • Online Service
  • Customizable avatars (Mii Wara Wara aka Miiverse)
  • User interactivity
  • Web browsing capabilities

As noted above, there will be a … [ Read More... ]

Baby Soft Murder Hands Podcast Episode 9: E3 2012 Preview

Welcome to our 9th podcast… Check out our thoughts and opinions on the Pre E3 offerings by various game companies including Konami, Microsoft, Namco and more.

We go over some exciting titles such as Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Halo 4, the Final Fantasy series, The Last Guardian, and more.

Keep your eyes peeled because we will be updating each day as we get more information from … [ Read More... ]

Pre-E3: Hitman Absolution

Hitman, a series known for its in-depth environments and unique combat, will soon be releasing its 5th installment, Hitman: Absolution. You’re back in the shoes of Agent 47, after his successful escape from his own funeral. 47 now finds himself being hunted by the police, and smack in the middle of a deep conspiracy. Once again you’ll utilize disguise and improvised weaponry like no other game. However … [ Read More... ]

Pre-E3: Konami

Okay, Konami has three games really great looking games they’re show casing for E3.

 Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

So I loved MGS4, I love MGS, I love Metal Gear…. But now there is a new hero, his name is Jack: Codename Raiden. Raiden is a cybernetic ninja, he is an unstoppable force of awesome. He is the perfect choice for a ninja action game that makes the … [ Read More... ]