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Doom 4 development rebooted, Rage 2 cancelled: Id Software Mismanaged?

Doom 4 development rebooted Rage 2 cancelled Id Software Mismanaged

According to a report today Id Software, the studio that brought us Wolfenstein 3D, Doom & Quake, is apparently in turmoil. Between fired employees and rebooted development, there’s quite a bit of shake up. Sources which would rather remain anonymous and therefor unverified, explain that ZeniMax, the company that owns Bethesda and Id Software, has met with the Dallas, TX based developer many times … [ Read More... ]

Quake: New cross-platform level editor TrenchBroom

trenchbroom mac pc quake level map editor

If you played FPS’s in the 90’s, theres a good chance that you’ve dabbled in map editing and level design. Many games had easily available map editors such as Quake, and some even included it, like Unreal. Sadly, most of those tools are antiquated, no longer updated, or simply don’t work anymore. I found this brand new level editor called TrenchBroom for id Software’s 1996 classic, Quake via John Carmack’s [ Read More... ]

gmDoom: Garry’s Mod Doom Mod

Just incase there weren’t enough source ports of id Software’s genre defining classic DoomGhorsHammer decided to add Garry’s Mod to the love fest. He’s taken the beloved Doom HUD, weapons and monsters and blended them into the Valve physics based FPS. While the concept isn’t really new, it does look really well done.

Check out the gameplay video below demonstrating gmDoom

GhorsHammer explains that the addon will … [ Read More... ]

Oculus Rift to ship with out Doom 3: BFG Edition Support

One of the early selling points of the Oculus Rift was the fact that it would have some commercial games to support it, allowing developers and hardcore tech enthusiasts to have working examples. Unfortunately, it seems that the first publicly displayed demo of the VR HMD, Doom 3: BFG Edition, will not have support by the time the Rift ships between now and April. This doesn’t mean that BFG [ Read More... ]