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The Wire TV RPG

The comedy website College Humor has just released a new video in its series called TV RPG.

The Wire has been “demade” into a retro style 16 bit RPG. Well, at least a video has been made demonstrating what it would be like. Check out the zany adventures McNulty, Omar and more….

Good job to the people at College Humor.
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Cover Art: Super R-Type (SNES)

Ah the glory days… stage memorization… brutal difficulty… continues… Check out this freaky cover art of Irem’s Super R-Type for the Super Nintendo.

You can still play this shmup today, just pick it up at your local used crap store. It’s also available for the Nintendo Wii’s Virtual Console.

Super R-Type Wiki

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Cover Art: Phalanx (SNES)

So imagine a game with the tag line “A hyper-speed shoot out in space”… A game called Phalanx on the SNES did. What would you imagine?



Well according to some dude who worked at Kemco, you’re wrong. Obviously, its an old hill billy and his banjo. Yeah, maybe they were appealing to America’s grassroots schmup crowd? I think they should’ve been fired.… [ Read More... ]