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Crossover Revealed Left 4 Dead 2 X Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6 x Left 4 Dead 2 Nick RE6 x L4D2 announced

A free promotion will make Left 4 Dead 2 characters playable in Resident Evil 6 and the other way around only on PC. Today, Capcom announced a free new crossover promotion that will feature Left 4 Dead 2 characters and creatures to Resident Evil 6  and then vice versa. The main group Left 4 Dead 2 Coach, Ellis, Rochelle, and Nick will be PC-Exclusive  characters in … [ Read More... ]

Steam Box: Piston price & Release date

Piston Steam Box x13

Xi3, the company that Valve backed for compact computer development has announced the price of Piston, it’s first unofficial Steam Box. It’s scheduled for a Holiday 2013 release date, with a price of $999.99. If you preorder Piston before March 18, 2013 you can get it for $900. Piston is a compact, Linux based gaming PC that is especially designed to work with Steam’s Big [ Read More... ]

From the Co-Creator of Counter-Strike: Tactical Intervention

Counter-Strike is a great game and many still play it. Heck, we even recommended it recently in our “Top 5 Cheap Online Multiplayer FPS” list. Well, get ready for the next level. It’s called Tactical Intervention and it’s being made by one of the creators of Counter-Strike. Did we mention it looks awesome? Yeah, it’s a lot like Counter-Strike except way more modern and really action packed. … [ Read More... ]

Valve fires a bunch of employees: What this could mean for the Steambox & Valve.

Valve fires a bunch of employees what this could mean for the Steambox.jph

According to employee tweets and other reports, Valve has fired a whole bunch of people at the company. These are some pretty big changes too. Valve, the company behind Half Life, Counter-Strike, Portal, Steam and more, has supposedly let go of about 25 people, although this number is not confirmed. Furthermore, Jason Holtman, Director of Business at Valve, has reportedly resigned from the company. … [ Read More... ]