Rock on! Game box art that sort of resemble album covers

I think the above title does a good job in explaining the thinking behind this post, but just in case it doesn’t: below is a collection of game box art that remind me of album covers. I’ve only discussed three but may add to this pathetic list if any more scream out at me, or if anyone likes to chime in with more suggestions.


Cup Final by Starsailor

I don’t know why but this bland and minimalist box art for the bland and minimalist game Cup Final just reminds me of that strange orangey photo of an empty stretch of train track that was used on the cover of Starsailor’s first album. I really have nothing more to add other than if you look closely at the box art you’ll see that the match on show is being played by just three people, which means 19 players must have been sent off during the game. Now it might be a 8-bit footy game, but we’re still docking it points for unrealism. Oh and judging by the look of the terraces the match appears to be taking place inside a prison.








Cauldron 2 by Marillion

I’ve always felt that art for Cauldron 2 had the appearence of an album cover for dark prog rock band Marillion – as I think this iconic art for their seminal album Script For A Jesters Tear aptly demonstrates. Maybe the reason my brain has made this weird connection between a Buckinghamshire rock group and a game in which you help a sprightly pumpkin usurp a witch queen might have had something to do with the colours used, the obvious gothic theme both art shares and the fact the Cauldron logo, were you to switch out all the letters to spell Marillion, would look and read identical to the word Marillion.   







Hotel by The Beach Boys

Funny enough, Hotel is a game in which you get to run and manage a hotel. Not one as busy as the hotel depicted on this box art, but nevertheless one that had a reception and some stairs leading up to various corridors that then led into a group of tightly packed bedrooms with colour televisions inside. It was only ever released in Germany, which is where the niche game genre originated and was most popular. Anyway, seeing that it’s just a picture of some people doing something pretty mundane (milling about and checking into their rooms), we thought it very similar to the iconic album cover of Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys, which simply shows a picture of the band members feeding goats. Coincidentally, the title track to Hotel was Hotel California by the Eagles, which obviously has nothing to do with The Beach Boys, but is still music related.





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