Rants: Cool Music to Blow Sh!t Up to

…And now for something completely different,

We did a segment on games with great music, this isn’t the opposite (necessarily), but this is when you don’t want the games music.

We’ve all played a lot of games where you run around blowing everything to high hell. Unfortunately, these games can sometimes have rather uninspired and just plain lame soundtracks. So, luckily the gods have seen fit to grant us the power of custom soundtrack. Now originally, this would mean a portable cassette player with a Rush mix tape and a Space Invaders machine. A more modern way to think of it, is Just Cause 2 and its barely par soundtrack replaced by some Iggy Pop stored on the hard drive of my 360 or even a simple usb flash disk. Another example is, playing MW3 on survival mode, sure its fun and all…. but sometimes it just isn’t brutal enough. So, why not add some Rawhead Rexx? (not to be confused with the band, Raw Head Rex).

The first time I would say I really got into the idea of adding my own soundtrack to a game, was when I would play Project Gotham Racing 2 and I’d layer in my own music from the Xbox hard drive. Eventually, I learned that I often liked my own music in a game. The same way mp3s and CDs allowed me to choose the soundtrack for my life, I could now choose the soundtrack for the games I loved, that didn’t really have the best music.

So now, I’m just gonna say a few games that I put custom music on, and then feel free to comment with your own list.

MY list of Music to Blow Sh!t Up to:

Just Cause 2: Air (great for just traveling and not blowing shit up), Iggy Pop (Great for blowing shit up, like a the runaway child of the nuclear a-bomb),  Led Zeppelin, Trigun OST by Tsuneo Imahori, and even some ethnic beats for an interesting twist.

MW3: Rawhead Rexx (for when brutal doesn’t quite describe your murderous intent), Led Zeppelin (again), DFA 1979, and pretty much anything hard and fast works for survival mode.

DOA(2 to whatever):  Led Zeppelin (you’ll get the idea I like them), some traditional Asian Drums (makes the fights seem like the game tried to make them with its not very good music), and of course you can pop on some Bebop for that Spike Spiegel feel.

Doom (yes, it has an awesome soundtrack, I know): Rawhead Rexx, Led Zeppelin, Blonde Redhead, Metronomy, Justice, Iggy Pop, DFA 1971, The Klaxons, The Sword, The VSS, The Pillows, you get the idea right?

Diablo 2: Rawhead RexxLed ZeppelinBlonde RedheadMetronomyJusticeIggy PopDFA 1979The Sword, The VSS, The Pillows, Klaxons, okay so you seem to understand my taste in murder music by now.

Mirror’s Edge: Klaxons, Metronomy, SoulWax, Thelonious Monk, The Police, The Clash, Led Zeppelin (what don’t they go well with?), Madness, Ratatat, Justice, Phoenix, Air, Cowboy Bebop OST by Yoko Kanno and The Seatbelts, Trigun OST by Tsuneo Imahori, well basically the music I really go running to.

Now, I like listening to jazz and softer music as well, but when I mow down lives in a game, I want some music to match, and some games don’t supply it. The list for Doom can also be applied to Pain Killer.


Head Chairman of The Ministry of Silly Walks

One thought on “Rants: Cool Music to Blow Sh!t Up to”

  1. Mister Silly Walks,

    I have a commentary on this post of yours good sir!

    1) Your silly walk doesn’t quite go up to The Ministry’s standards.

    2) I enjoy listening to music while killing shit, too.
    Like for Soul Cal 4 (or whatever one really.. including SoulEdge <3) It really annoys me how the PS3 doesn't allow custom music.. but this systems annoys me quite a bit anyway.. right so back on subject! I listen to varying music for Soul Cal some including Jpop (it makes it silly, shhhh I don't know), rock, classical (although the music is already classical in the game), metal, etc. I don't want to use band names since I prefer songs to bands.

    I believe anything can be your killing music, not juuuuust death murder rock, is it not creepy to kill and sing Barbie Girl at the same time?

    As for DOA, Asian drums do work well with that, so does better rock music (being it The Sex Pistols, IronMaiden, Rammstein, Etc.) ANYTHING thats not their game music, I would also like to say that techno works well for DOA (and murder in general)

    I had other things to mention.. nut I have seemed to forgotten it. Oh well~

    I would like to know if it is alright to request your opinions (you and your co-host, of course) on different gaming subjects? I have some recommendations.. please let me know. 🙂


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