Amazon adds Retro Gaming section

We do most of our video game shopping online. We often pick up used classics via Amazon, Ebay and some other online stores. Recently, has added Retro Gaming as a new category to their store.

With this section you can find used games, consoles and more. They even offer listings of classic games available for download. The store is also organized by the following consoles…

    Atari 2600
    Atari 5200
    Atari 7800
    Atari Jaguar
    Atari Lynx
    Commodore 64
    Commodore Amiga
    Game Boy
    Game Boy Advance
    Game Boy Color
    Neo Geo Pocket
    Nintendo 64
    Nintendo Entertainment System
    PlayStation 2
    Sega CD
    Sega Dreamcast
    Sega Game Gear
    Sega Genesis
    Sega Master System
    Sega Saturn
    Super Nintendo
    TurboGrafx 16

A pretty strong list of systems. Check it out here.

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