E3: Halo 4 Motherf**kers!

Okay so here’s the lowdown, Halo 4 is probably going to be the best Halo yet. With 343 Industries (or as I call them, Bizzaro Treyarch), the successful and useful in-house dev team that doesn’t seem to be shaming the flagship series they’ve been handed. The reason why I say this is because the new footage of Halo 4‘s campaign and the past footage of the multiplayer seem to be perfectly in line with what Halo is all about. Well designed visual aesthetics, well scripted dialog, tight gameplay, and always a sense of mystery and adventure. The game does look like its become more fast paced, which I believe will be a good thing. Also its showing the use of more in-game cinematic, like when Chief gets attacked and has to push the enemy off of him. The Forerunners will be playing a larger part than ever in the game’s story, and fans will be pleased to see that they seem to be pulling out the stops finally and just adding all of the old weapons with the new ones (for instance, the Halo Reach DMR and the classic Battle Rifle), rather than replacing and removing weapons. The alien weapons also seem very cool and crisp, with some new additions too. Everyone’s favorite 7ft 300lb super soldier has returned, you will all be pleased that the Chief, our lord and saviour, John-S117 is back. As for Cortana, well she’s gone a bit bonkers. The reason for this is obvious to Halo fans like me, but for the rest, basically she’s well past her life span as an AI, at this point most AI’s basically fall apart, so she’s dying and as a symptom she’s also losing her mind. There is also the crew of the UNSC starship Infinity, who’s overall role in the story we’re not entirely sure of. We start our story as the Chief chasing down the crash site of the starship Infinity, when you wipe out a squad of covenant, then start fighting what seems to be Forerunner robots. This game does seem like it’ll be completely amazing. Here’s hoping…

Here’s the link to the Halo 4 official site: HALO 4


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