Phoenix Comicon 2012 Interviews

As mentioned a few posts ago, we were Phoenix Comicon 2012. Here are some on the spot interviews.

“Christophe” Chris Tang
Cosplayer, video game designer, and competitive gaming champion. Seriously, this guy has made games for Capcom!

Phoenix Comicon 2012 Chris Tang (Professional Cosplayer) Interview

Learn more about Chris Tang here and…
search for “Chris Tang Cosplay” to find his costume work.


Department of Zombie Defense (DOZD)

“If it’s dead…we’ll kill it!” These guys love to kill zombies and help people out! Check out this interesting interview going over why zombie defense planning is important and why you should always do the right thing.

Phoenix Comicon 2012 Department of Zombie Defense (DOZD) Interview

Check out the official DOZD website here.

Random convention goer. We chat about the common conveniences… and inconveniences found at cons.

Phoenix Comicon 2012 Jasmine (Convention Goer) Interview

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