Japan Get’s All the Monster Hunter Fun

2013 will hopefully bring us Monster Hunter 4, which currently is slated for the Nintendo 3DS exclusively in Japan. This is hard news for US Monster Hunter fans, which Capcom is apparently ignoring. Furthermore, its interesting to see that there is no announcement of Monster Hunter 4 on Sony Playstation Vita, especially considering the series started on Playstation family hardware.

Check out the Monster Hunter 4 trailer here…

Capcom also released 2 new trailers for Monster Hunter Tri G featuring the Nintendo 3DS XL

Currently, Monster Hunter Tri G is only available to Japan also. Although, there was a sliver of hope written on Capcom’s community from Capcom Corporate Officer/Senior Vice-President, Christian Svensson …

“I will be more clear than I have ever been… Western MH fans should have some sort of information before the end of this calendar year.  I can’t say more than that unfortunately though I would love to.”

We can only hope. Monster Hunter 4 is said to have several new features and changes over previous entries in the series including a brand new story (and a greater emphasis on it) along with a brand new play system that will allow for faster action. There will also be new monsters and weapons which can be used in the new Ruin zones which allow for open world like exploration and hunting. Many gamers are drawing parallels between Capcom’s new IP, Dragon’s Dogma, which I can agree with. It seems they’re going to make Monster Hunter a bit more playable and action packed, but hopefully not at the expense of the game’s fan favorite indepth gameplay.

But it doesn’t stop there for Japan… Universal Studios Japan in Osaka also has life sized Monsters on display at the amusement park. It’s part of a new feature there called Monster Hunter Real 2012.

Check out MORE amazing photos of Real Monster Hunter 2012 in Universal Studios Japan.
All Monster Hunter fans NEED to see this!

Capcom’s Official Monster Site 

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