The Mastermind Behind Halo & COD Multiplayer: Max Hoberman of Certain Affinity Interview

At Quakecon we caught up with Max Hoberman, the President and Creative Director of Austin based game studio Certain Affinity.

Max Hoberman has been in the game industry for years, with his humble beginnings as a Mac gamer playing Bungie’s Marathon. He eventually went on to work with Bungie for about 10 years on various games including Halo and Oni. After that he made his own company called Certain Affinity which went on to work on Halo 2‘s multiplayer mode which many say set the precedence for console FPS’s. His studio has also done many maps and mods for the Call of Duty series including 2010’s hit game, Black Ops. His company is currently hard at work on Halo 4‘s multiplayer system with 343 Industries. Part of their work on Halo 4 also includes co-creating the Forge map making tools which will allow gamers to create their own levels on the Xbox 360.

At Quakecon 2012 he was part of a panel with other industry veterans including Chet Faliszek (Valve Software) & Marty Stratton (id Software). You can watch the panel below…

After the panel, we were lucky enough to catch up with Max and interview him. We discuss his career including critical works and the things that inspire him to make amazing online multiplayer games.

We thank Max Hoberman and Certain Affinity for the interview.

Certain Affinity Official Site

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