Quake Con 2012: BSMH Posts Coming Soon

Hey everyone,


With Quake Con wrapping up, we’ve gotten a lot of coverage over the last few days, and we’ll be putting up posts on all of it over the next week. So look forward to some really great interviews, reports, hands-ons, and exclusives, from the Bawlsiest duo to ever cover Quake Con.


Jackson Muderhands, UAC CEO

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QUAKECON: Doom 4 Confirmed

Today during John Carmack’s keynote for QuakeCon 2012, he confirmed that Doom 4 is well underway and is id Software’s current focus. He also continued to say that after Doom 3 BFG Edition is released, the company will be dedicated to making Doom 4 the next “AAA title”. He also made a point of saying, much to his dismay, that id Software’s mobile development division has been closed to … [ Read More... ]