New Wii U Nintendo Land Gameplay Video Trailer & Screenshots

Nintendo released a new trailer for its Wii U launch title Nintendo Land demonstrating some of the key games inside the virtual theme park. The tag line for this game is “Nintendo’s biggest game worlds in one giant theme park.

Here is a description of the various games shown inside of Nintendo Land.

Competitive Attractions:

 Animal Crossing Sweet Day

“Eat and Run”

A game where you run around and eat more “sweets” than your friends.



Luigi’s Ghost Mansion

“Haunting Hijinks”

A maze game, kinda like Pac Man.




 Mario Chase

“Hot Pursuit”

A kind of “tag” game where popular Nintendo characters chase each other.



Single Attractions:

 Takamaru’s Ninja Castle

“Throwing Star Showdown”

A light gun type game where you take out various ninjas using throwing stars.



Donkey Kong’s Crash Course

“Full Tilt Obstacle Course”

A sort of puzzle like maze game utilizing tilt controls.



 Balloon Trip Breeze

“Float With The Wind!”

A sort of platformer revolved around collecting items while floating around on a balloon.



Team Attractions:

 The Legend of Zelda Battle Quest


“Archery and Swordplay”

A semi first person action game where you and your friends hack and slash through the Zelda world.


Metroid Blast

“Deep Space Shootout”

A spacey 3D action game bringing you and your friends together to take out glowing aliens with your blasters. Looks like Samus is playable too.


Pikmin Adventure

“Tame the Wilderness”

A top down Pikmin game where you and your friends work together to take out big bugs (?).



You can watch the full Nintendo Land gameplay video below…

Nintendo Wii U Official Site

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