Cinematic Halo 4 Launch Trailer Enlists Hollywood Muscle

If you couldn’t tell by the hordes of Halo fan boys simultaneously climaxing, a new Halo 4 trailer has been released. Highly cinematic and dramatic, it depicts the upbringing and creation of the series hero Master Chief. You can also see some beautifully rendered battle footage between the Spartans against their new (old) enemies the Prometheans.

Watch the Halo 4 Launch Trailer yourself…

The short film titled “Scanned” features Hollywood heavyweight David Fincher (Seven, Fight Club, Social Network) as producer and direction by Tim Miller (Scott Pilgrim). The trailer debuted on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

The Halo 4 release date is November 6th, 2012, developed by 343 Industries and is exclusively for Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

Halo 4 Official Site

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