Who’s Got the Best Black Friday Gaming Deals in 2012?

Games are expensive. Valuable and awesome, but expensive. Consequently, gamers are always looking for a deal. It’s that special time of year, the Black Friday video game sales. With so much out there, who’s got the best deals? Truth is, many of the best deals can be found online. No need for miserable lines and death by stampede. Whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, these sites are sure to have some of the best deals online.

If you’re a PC gamer, this is THE place to shop. AAA titles, indie games, retro games, you name it, Steam probably has it. It’s not uncommon to see games on sale in excess of 50% off. Steam can be tricky though, because some deals only run for a few hours, so you often have to make a quick judgement calls. Steam’s Autumn Sale 2012 is currently running now, so start shopping!
Pro tip: Install the Steam App on your phone and you can check sales throughout the day and never miss a deal.

Console gamers can find some great deals on Amazon. Amazon often has lower prices than most retailers, but during Black Friday they get even better. Then theres the Gold Box Deals. These timed, short run sales allow you buy games and other items for very low prices in some cases in excess of half off.

If you’ve got an aspiring indie gamer to shop for, GOG.com has got a killer special allowing you to buy 5 games for 10 dollars. They call it Pick 5 Pay 10.

Be sure to check out our follow up article soon regarding Cyber Monday deals.

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