Valve’s Steam Workshop Making Mods for Your Gaming Needs


Steam Workshop has been out of beta for only about four days now, and they already have tons of amazing video game mods. Steam Workshop streamlines browsing for mods very efficiently and has improved some of the actual gameplay in their mods. Such as being able to help Left 4 Dead 2 have better AI. While using Valve’s Steam Workshop you can download mods which could give you new weapons, new skins for enemies and allies, new maps, and sometimes even a completely new interface to the game. Seriously, you can play as velociraptors in Left 4 Dead 2, or play as Mortal Kombat’s Sub Zero in Serious Sam 3. Soon enough in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim you’ll be able to travel to the lands of Majora’s Mask, yes from the Zelda series, thats pretty epic.. Am I right? Steam Workshop’s selection is still growing but currently it allows you to alter 23 different Steam games in many many varying mods.


You know you just want to look at the Steam Workshop.

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