Co-Creator of Doom, Wolf3D & Commander Keen Tom Hall: MultiPlatform Game Creation Tool

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Tom Hall has been in the game business for a while and although he’s not as well known as his former co-workers, he was equally important to the fun and character of early id Software games, most notably, Commander Keen & Wolfenstein 3D. He’s been working with his long time friend, John Romero, at Romero’s company Loot Drop. He recently started his own company, Pieces of Fun, which will focus on creating game development environment and funny new games. First up on the agenda list is Worlds of Wander, a “platform game creation tool” and Secret Spaceship Club, “the spiritual successor to Commander Keen.”

Worlds of Wonder has a very ambitious and cool concept. Bring game development to the average user in the same manner digital photography is. It’s a point and click, drag and drop, game development environment. It’s also going to be multiplatform; iOS, PC, Mac, and Ubuntu Linux to be exact. Figuring out the networking of it all is just some of the engineering labor that’s still ahead of them. Not only do you get a tool to make games in, but you also get the first game that will ever be made in it: Secret Spaceship Club. Tom Hall got his start making fun and quirky platformers. His longest lasting and most venerable creation was Commander Keen. Commander Keen was a light hearted side scrolling platform game inspired by the, then fresh, NES game Super Mario BrosSecret Spaceship Club looks back at those games and Tom Hall’s unique sense of humor to bring you a brand new adventure.

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Tom Hall and his company have already got prototypes of the game and the toolset running on iPad, PC, Mac and Linux. So far, the Kickstarter is under 9% completion. To get all that done, they need a budget and they’re looking to the community for support. We think this is a cool project and could very well be like what Apple’s Garageband was for making music. While there are similar tools available, like Game Maker and Stencyl, this software differs in that you can actually build your games ANYWHERE. That’s freaking awesome.

Worlds of Wander Site

Pieces of Fun Site

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