Creators of MineCraft are Developing Games for Charity


Mojang, the Indie Game studio behind Minecraft, is coding video games to raise money for charity. They are working along with some other Indie Game studios such as:  Grapefrukt, Ludosity, Oxeye Game Studio, Vlambeer, and Wolfire Games. The studios’ work will be livestreamed for the next 78 hours as an event known as Mojam 2 (aka: Mojam 2013).

As the official Mojam site states, you can use their form to pay as much as you want to support two charities, while watching the amazing in-game-creating-process. The two charities that you’d be helping to support are Electric Frontier Foundation (EFF for short) and Block by Block (which is run by Mojang and UN-Habitat), so you know your money is going to a good cause.
Another fun and amazing part to this fund raiser is that the viewers get a say in the themes of the games being made; So far the themes for Mojam 2013 are..

Humble Bundle Mojam 2 Themes
Mojang’s Striped Zebra team is making a French Nuclear Spaceship game.
The Giraff Macka team at Mojang will be basing their game around Endless Nuclear Kittens.
Mojang’s Cyborg Hippo team is using a Nuclear Pizza War theme.
Wolfire will be making a Nuclear Endless War themed game.
Vlamber’s game will be themed around Wasteland Kings.
Ludosity will be using a Interplanetary Void theme.

You can take a look at the themes as they get updated over here.


And here is a video for Mojam 2..

Make sure you check out, and help support two amazing charities!

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