Playstation Vita price drop spotted in US Sony Stores

playstation vita 3g us price drop 2

That’s right. Apparently there is a sale going on right now where you can get the Playstation Vita 3G for only $199. This news comes along with the discontinuation of the 3G model, as Sony will only be continuing the device as a WiFi enabled device. Joystiq reports that the price drops were seen official Sony Stores. They confirmed the price drop with 22 Sony Stores, although other a small number of Sony Stores were not aware of the Vita price drop.

Online prices have also dropped, although only to match the PS Vita Wifi model at $249. We did a little digging ourselves and found that Target has the Playstation Vita on sale for $209 including a copy of Lego Batman 2.

playstation vita 3g us price drop 1

With Sony discontinuing the 3G version of the Vita, could that mean a Playstation Vita 4G edition is around the bend? Alternatively, they could just stick with WiFi only since that offers the highest performance for gaming without the expense of a data plan.

Either way, hopefully Sony will drop the Vita’s WiFi price to $199 in the near future which will place it in prime position to compete with the 3DS.


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