Rumor: Dead Rising 3 to feature weapon & vehicle creation, open town + story

Dead Rising 3 weapon vehicle creation open town story

Today, a description of the gameplay and story of Capcom’s Dead Rising 3 was made available on Reddit via a mysterious post. The poster describes the fact that the game will feature many drivable vehicles in addition to the ability to combine both weapons and vehicles. Furthermore, the poster said that Dead Rising 3’s graphics are greatly improved.

Here’s what redditor throwawaytodaynay wrote…

“Its coming. Its set in a whole town with many enterable stores and a HUGE amount of drivable vehicles. You can also create new weapons on the spot and create new vehicles by combining two. The graphics are a huge improvement from Dead Rising 2 and for the 2 1/2 hours I got to play it, it was incredibly fun.”

He also described the parts of the Dead Rising 3 story that he played through, including the introduction of a new main character, Rick.


It opens with the main character, “Rick”, exploring a highway tunnel that is full of zombies. After the tutorial through the tunnel, A plane crashes on the highway and Rick barely escapes it. Then you have to get back to your group who are hold up in a gas station. This is where you are taught how to combine weapons. Some of the characters leave and die and then you have to escort the two remaining to an auto garage. The nice thing about these escort missions is that you can easily find four-door cars and the characters following you get in.
Once you get to the auto garage, you are tasked with exploring the city and you start encountering “illegals”. These are people who are illegal immigrants to the city. You end up helping them get spray paint so they tag buildings that are safe and then you go back to the garage. There you build your first combination car.
You then watch a news report about “ZOMBREX”. This is a chip that is now required for all US citizens and it is supposed to cure infection. It also tracks where you are if you are infected and turn. However, right after this segment you kill a zombie that has one of these chips and everyone in the group starts questioning why they aren’t working. Its then suggested that everyone in the city of Los Perididos go to the army base and get a chip implanted. So, you take your crazy new tank car and go to the army base. You get cut off from the base by a biker gang that ambushes you. This is where I stopped playing the beginning and then jumped ahead.
Also, I jumped ahead to much later in the game and I was in a secure complex that the illegals set up and I was working with them.
Some of the features that were in the later chapter were lockers for all your clothes. This locker also showed all the pieces to certain outfits and you could see which pieces were missing from entire outfits. Also, there was a locker for guns and a bulletin board with all the survivors that had been saved up to that point.

Capcom has not confirmed any of this and therefor it must be filed under Dead Rising rumors, but still, it sounds pretty good.


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  1. I love everything but the illegals system, and idk why. I sort of like the car system, but I’m gonna miss back in DR2, when cars were rare.

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