Details lead to Bethesda publishing a new Wolfenstein

New Wolfenstein

Fans of id Software’s long running Wolfenstein franchise may have reason to get excited. Several details lead to there being a brand new Wolfenstein published by Bethesda. Furthermore, it will likely be developed by MachineGames, a studio which ZeniMax (owner of Bethesda) acquired some years ago.

Here is the list of Wolfenstein details…

  • Composer Julian Beeston listed an himself as “ADR Engineer, Production Sound” on a Wolfenstein project with Machinegames (this info has since been taken off his website)
  • ZeniMax Media bought Machinegames in 2010 (ZeniMax also owns id Software who owns Wolfenstein)
  • Machinegames lists that they’re developing a new game with id Tech 5 (id Software’s engine)
  • ZeniMax registered “” in 2012
  • Machinegames‘ project is rumored to be codenamed “Project Tungsten“.
  • Actor Alexander Leeb lists Project Tungsten in his resume playing the part of “German Soldier”.
  • Tom Keegan, voice actor and talent director lists himself as voice over director for Project Tungsten in the credits section of his site (now removed)

Furthermore, Bethesda uploaded this teaser to Vine

So there you have. In no ways is this conclusive, but the evidence does strongly lead to Wolfenstein considering ZeniMax’s control of the franchise and the voice actor title “German Soldier”.

Sure enough, we’ll find out soon.


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