Nintendo fans crush a project to put homebrew Zeldas on gold carts

Nintendo project homebrew Zeldas gold carts 2

Console modder “Wiggy” of Rose Colored Gaming started a project to take 2 popular Legend of Zelda homebrew games and put them on custom made SNES cartridges. Not only would they come on the cartridge, but would also include beautifully illustrated box art and a manual. The Zelda homebrew games are Zelda: Parallel Worlds & Zelda: Goddess Of Wisdom. Both of them are basically “New Game +” versions of the Super Nintendo masterpiece The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. They include things like bug fixes, new graphics and new dungeons.

Nintendo project homebrew Zeldas gold carts

Sounds awesome right? Well, apparently not to the Nintendo elite (the fans). On fan website Nintendolife, this news caused a torrent of hateful comments attacking the creator of this project (the original article has since been removed). To make matters worse, Rose Colored Gaming submitted to the negativity of the blog comments and has since put the project on hold. This is a perfect example of the hardcore fan community destroying a good thing and a creator making emotionally driven decisions based on trolls.

Rose Colored Gaming cancellation announcement

Zelda: Parallel Worlds

Zelda: Goddess Of Wisdom

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