Tekken Card Tournament: Namco converted Tekken into a free to play card game

Tekken Card Tournament screenshot 1

You read that correctly. Released on smart phones and computers is Tekken Card Tournament. It’s a free to play virtual card game which pits you against classic Tekken fighters in turn based, card combat. I played a bit of it and it’s not as bad as it sounds.

Check out the trailer for Tekken Card Tournament

Tekken Card Tournament screenshots

You have 3 options when fighting, focus, strike and block. Focus allows you to get more cards from the current deck. Strike attacks your opponent and block guards. The more you focus, the more cards you can chain together for a combo. It works pretty well. As the video above shows you, there will be physical cards sold which allow you to add new characters and upgrade existing ones. Furthermore, the card can be used in tandem with your smartphone camera for “AR” battles using your surroundings. No word yet on how or when the cards will be released.

It’s available as a free app for iOS (iPhone,iPad, iPod Touch) and Android. You can also play it right in your computer web browser (PC, Mac, Linux) at the official Tekken Card Tournament website.

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