Game CoLab Proves Phoenix Got Game (Devs)

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This past weekend, game developers from all over the Phoenix, Az area gathered at the Phoenix Makes Games Jam event at the Tempe ASU campus. During the event, 5 teams fiercely competed to create a dinosaur theme game in only 48 hours.

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The event, which was held by Tempe based game community Game CoLab, was sponsored by several pro-technology companies and organizations including Arizona Commission on the Arts, ASU Center For Science & Imagination, Ascendum Solutions, and Cosplay & Fan Gear, LLC.

Five entries were completed by judging time on Sunday. The winners are listed below.

1st Place: Dinosaur Story

Created By: Ian Robinson, Tyler Knecht, Noti Peppas, & Bo Eleftheriou (Mercurius FM)

Description: A 3D dinosaur life simulator which included growing trees and other dinosaurs in the open world. This game also won the Center for Science and Innovation award.

Prize: Perpetual Unity Pro License + $50 Steam Card

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2nd PlaceDino Panic

Created By: Heath McKinney, Dan Roush and Juan Ramirez

Description: A 2D dinosaur themed endless runner about surviving a meteorite hitting Earth. This game also won Audience Choice.

Prize: Two one-year Unity Pro licenses + Indie Game: The Movie video

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3rd PlaceDino Digger

Created By: Shawna Davis and Dominic Galasso

Description: A 2D digging game about finding dinosaur fossils. It included features such as budget management and injuries.

Prize: A one-year Unity Pro license

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Game jams like this are helping up and coming developers gain a world wide audience. They are also a great way to force yourself to learn new skills and meet new people.

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Images courtesy of Mercurius FM

This article includes resources gathered from our in-house investigative reporter, George Eleftheriou

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