Cool 3D remake of the original Zelda runs in your browser

Not sure how long this one will stay online given Nintendo’s track record withthis sort of thing, but some fans of put together a pretty nice remake of the original Legend of Zelda using WebGL and voxels. It runs right in your browser and looks really nice. There are a few bugs, but its still pretty fun. The only thing I wish it would let you do is go into first person view so that I can finally be Link. None the less, it is still an impressive feat, which recreates not only the retro look of the original, but manages to refresh it with some tasteful use of glow effects, 3D text, and more.

Here are some screenshots:

zelda 30 year tribute zelda 30 year tribute2 zelda 30 year tribute3

Check it out here.

More about the Zelda 30 Year Tribute project on Facebook and Twitter.

You can purchase Zelda games through Amazon HERE

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