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Awesome Gaming Cosplay: League of Legends

The Awesome Gaming Cosplay features new gaming costumes from professional and amateur cosplayers. We collect intricate and interesting photographs of favorite gaming characters. This week features costumes from  League of Legends.

Ashe League of Legends Cosplay


Ashe From League of Legends cosplay by Black Cat At Night

Diana from League of Legends Cosplay

Diana From League of Legends Cosplay by Jeyke

ariachan (筱原幽)  Caitlyn  of League of Legends CosplayCaitlyn from League of Legends Cosplay by ariachan (筱原幽)

MikNishi (MikNishi)  Shyvana  of League of Legends CosplayShyvana from League of Legends Cosplay by MikNishi

RiriFebrile  Lulu  of League of Legends CosplayLulu from[ Read More... ]

Sexy League of Legends Cosplay Gallery (SABOTEN CON 2015)

League Of Legends Cosplay Ashe
League Of Legends Cosplay Ashe

During anime convention Saboten Con 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona, we saw quite a few League of Legends cosplay. Here is a gallery dedicated to all of the  League of Legends cosplay we noticed. We were happy to see costumes of Ashe, Miss Fortune, Rengar, Jinx, and, Sivir.

Check the League of Legends Cosplay gallery below…

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