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Awesome Gaming Cosplay features gaming costumes from international professional and amateur cosplayers. We collect intricate and interesting photographs of some favorite gaming characters. This week we bring you some awesome Overwatch costumes. Overwatch is the upcoming multiplayer first person shooter from Blizzard Entertainment  with a release date set for May 24, 2016. Overwatch contains 21 playable heroes as well as unique gameplay allowing you to change heroes in game.

The … [ Read More... ]

Starcraft: Ghost “has never been cancelled”

starcraft ghost

In a bit of unexpected news, Matthew Burger of Blizzard Entertainment let it be known that Starcraft: Ghost was never officially cancelled, but that it is still merely “on hold.” This fuel was added to the rumor fire by Burger during an interview about the PlayStation release of Diablo 3 in an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine.

Starcraft: Ghost was a planned spin-off to Blizzard‘s successful franchise. It … [ Read More... ]

Diablo 3: PS3 trailer + Offline + No Auction House

Diablo 3 PS3 console screenshot 2

New details have been announced for the upcoming console version of Diablo 3 on PS3. Most notably is the fact that the Blizzard made, top down RPG will allow offline play for Playstation 3 users. This is of course different from the PC version of Diablo III which requires an always-on connection. Another change to the console version of Diablo 3 is the removal of  the real money auction … [ Read More... ]

PAX East: Blizzard announces new IP “Hearthstone” a digital CCG (Screenshots + Video)

Blizzard Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft CCG screenshot 2

At PAX East, Blizzard revealed it’s brand new game, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, a digital collectible card game. If that’s not cool enough, it’s also going to be free to play and multiplatform. In Blizzard’s own words, “We looooooove collectible card games and have been playing them since our Silicon & Synapse days. Creating a digital strategy card game felt like a natural next step for us, [ Read More... ]