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Condemned 2 – Xbox 360 – Lesser known modern classics Hands On

Condemned 2: Bloodshot was a game that follows up shortly after the ending to Condemned, and you begin with the drunken and bitter former FBI agent Thomas. This game sports good first person melee combat, like the first game but is a general overall improvement. Most notable is the combo system, which mixes several different hit possibilities to inflict extra damage. This game like its predecessor has very … [ Read More... ]

Mirror’s Edge – Xbox360 – A Not So Retro Retrospective Hands On

So I was looking at my games on the 360, when I spotted Mirror’s Edge. Ah yes… that was a fun game, didn’t get the best reviews, and often got unjustly slammed for being weird to parkour in first person. However, I do believe it was mainly because it’s just f*cking hard at times and takes a lot of mastery to get the really really good (you know? … [ Read More... ]


Today I’ll be telling you all about a nice retro-inspired game I found, Magic Steel.


Platform: Flash

Idea: 3:5
An oldskool Action Platformer, using classic design, and a simple level up system. You have 5 basic parts to level up: Magic Attack, Mana, Shield, Fire Rate, & Jump Booster.

Graphics: 3.5:5
Enemy design consists of standard anime mechs, done up as classic 16-bit sprites

SoundDesign: … [ Read More... ]