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GTA5 Delayed: Rockstar Says “it will be worth the extra time”

Grand Theft Auto V new release date

Some fans might be disappointed to know that the latest entry in Rockstar’s highly successful Grand Theft Auto series has been delayed. Grand Theft Auto V’s new release date is September 17, 2013 for Xbox 360 & Playstation 3.

Rockstar apologized and let it’s fans know that the game is going to be worth the wait. You can read the full announcement below…

Dear all

Today, we have an [ Read More... ]

Rad Jams: Kavinsky – Protovision

Kavinsky Protovision GTA5

Got a thing for the undead and classic Italian super cars? Well, you can get your Ferrari-Zombie fetish on with the latest track by French producer, Kavinsky. Kavinsky is a dead person who haunts the streets while driving around in a Ferarri Testarossa… at least that’s what his music videos imply. Check out his latest killer tune, Protovision, and it’s music video below.

Kavinsky is popular in … [ Read More... ]

More New Screenshots For GTA5

Rockstar posted some on fresh new screenshots for their upcoming game, Grand Theft Auto V. The screen depict a personal submarine, a car, a shark, the 3 main characters, and airplanes. Check ’em out below…

GTA5 Grand Theft Auto V New Screenshot 5

GTA5 Grand Theft Auto V New Screenshot 4

GTA5 Grand Theft Auto V New Screenshot 3

GTA5 Grand Theft Auto V New Screenshot 2

GTA5 Grand Theft Auto V New Screenshot 1


Not gonna lie, those graphics look pretty nice, especially if you consider the scale of the game… (bigger than all the others). Grand Theft Auto 5 is due out mid 2013 on Xbox [ Read More... ]

GTA V on PC & Wii U If They Are an Appropriate Business Opportunity

That what Rockstar Games’ Dan Houser told IGN in an exclusive interview. He was asked whethere Grand Theft Auto V would be released for Nintendo’s Wii U and the PC and he replied, “The main thing is we are not… we are a third-party publisher. We’re not Nintendo, we’re not Sony, we’re not Microsoft. We love all of them in different ways. But we can do what we want wherever [ Read More... ]