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GAMING FAN ART: Death Stranding

Death Stranding is the long awaited game from Hideo Kojima, creator of Metal Gear Solid and an avid movie fan. You could probably tell the latter with actors like Norman Reedus (Walking Dead, Boondock Saints), Lindsay Wagner (The Bionic Woman), and even a surprise appearance from director and visionary Guillermo Del Toro?  I’m still sad about the cancelling of Silent Hills which would have … [ Read More... ]

Guillermo del Toro’s Giant Robot film Pacific Rim HD Trailer!

Pacific Rim screenshot 2

Mexican film mastermind Guillermo del Toro has taken the one of the most popular Japanese themes and made into a massive Hollywood blockbuster. How about that for multicultural? Guillermo del Toro’s latest movie is called Pacific Rim which was previously teased at Comicon; now the studio has released an official trailer for it in HD goodness. It tells us a lot about the film and sets the tone… Pacific Rim[ Read More... ]

Movies For Gamers: Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

Movies For Gamers is a section of BabysoftMurderhands.com where we post and discuss a trailer for a classic cult movie. The movies we select will hopefully be movies that gamers will love too. And of course, if you haven’t seen it, we’ll give you a link to get it.

Although this may seem like an unconventional choice, Pan’s Labyrinth covers a lot of familiar ground for gamers. Written, Directed & … [ Read More... ]