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Road Redemption: The spiritual sequel to Road Rash

If you were lucky enough to play video games in the early 90s, you probably played Road Rash. Originally released on the Sega Genesis, Road Rash was a motorcycle racing game that put you in high speed, illegal races while fighting off other bikers with chains and bats. It was fun and offered a unique experience to standard racing games like Sega’s Hang-On. Fast forward, now it’s 2013 … [ Read More... ]

The Big Blue: The spiritual sequel to ECCO Tides of Time

ecco tides of time

If you were like me and had a Sega Genesis when you were growing up, then chances are you’ve played ECCO The Dolphin and/or ECCO The Tides of Time. They’re great games, both in depth and graphics, right up there with classics like Super Metroid and Symphony of the Night. With that said, Ed Annunziata, the game designer of these Sega games is now making a new dolphin … [ Read More... ]

Quirky dark adventure includes cybernetic limbs & a carnivorous forest

Ritual Dementia The Revenge indie game 1

Another day, another interesting indie title. Ritual Dementia: The Revenge is a weird little adventure game that sets you in a dark fantasy world where you are part of a tribe. The tribe is enslaved and hunted by an evil overlord; it’s up to you to find a way to take back your people and your land. Ritual Dementia is more than just an adventure game, it also sprinkles in … [ Read More... ]

Shovel Knight pumps up 8-Bit retro gameplay

If you’re like me, then you love classic side scrollers like Mega Man, Contra and CastlevaniaYacht Club Games is making a love letter to the days of 8-bit side scrollers with their game, Shovel Knight. Retro looking side scrollers are indeed a dime a dozen these days, but what I like about this one is how it looks like it’s sticking true to the 8-bit graphical … [ Read More... ]