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Wii U Online Services Explained including Nintendo Network & Miiverse

Nintendo released a new video on their youtube channel detailing the online features and functionality of the Wii U console. The video breaks down how to get a Nintendo Network ID and how Miiverse will tie in with the games.

Each Wii U console will allow 12 Users per system with their own Mii Character. Each user’s Mii will store their own game settings, saves, bookmarks and play history. … [ Read More... ]

Nintendo Wii U Release Date Specs & Launch Titles Announced

Nintendo announced during its big press event today that the Wii U’s launch date in Japan will be December 8, 2012. Nintendo also announced 2 of the first launch titles… New Super Mario Bros U and Nintendo Land. No other titles have been confirmed as of yet, but with any luck there will be at least a couple more titles from Nintendo, who is well known for … [ Read More... ]