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Why Some Publishers Don’t Think a PC Version Is Worthwhile

Each year, console gamers enjoy AAA titles, tailored to the machines they play on. During the first years of a console’s lifespan, most accept the fact that the games were designed for specific hardware. But now with game engines like the Unreal Engine and Unity Engine, you can build once and play anywhere. Not to mention, PC gamers have hardware that greatly exceeds the current console generation’s graphical muscle. … [ Read More... ]

Wanna Hack Your PS3? Get Terminated Permanently.

Sony released a consumer alert for the Playstation 3 warning users about hacking their consoles. The warning doesn’t mix words as it very plainly tells you that by hacking your PS3 you violate the TOS and if you do that, they’re gonna ban you from PSN. They used the term, terminated permanently.

Here’s what Sony said, “Unauthorized software for the PlayStation┬«3 system was recently released by hackers. [ Read More... ]