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Playstation 4 Announced: PS4 Specs & Details (Comprehensive)

Playstation 4 Announced- PS4 Specs & Details (Comprehensive)

At the Playstation 2013 event, Sony revealed it’s much anticipated home console, the Playstation 4. Although they didn’t actually show the physical unit, they did reveal specific PS4 specs in addition to showing the Dual Shock 4 controller. Furthermore, Sony will also be releasing the Playstation 4 Eye, which is a much more advanced camera tracking system than current systems.

PS4 Console Specs

  • AMD “Jaguar” 8-core
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Until Dawn challenges current survival horror giants

After watching the trailer for Until Dawn it becomes apparent that this game could be a strong competitor for genre sweethearts Silent Hill and Resident Evil (formerly a survival horror game). The game is being released for Playstation 3 and will utilize the PS Move controller for gameplay. Supposedly, it may also support standard controller gameplay according to Kotaku (let’s hope). The developers of Until Dawn, Supermassive Games, … [ Read More... ]

Playstation Move Steering Wheel Video

Sony has finally released a driving wheel accessory for the Playstation Move. Don’t ask us why it took so long to come out… I always thought it might be cool to use the Dual Shock 3′s built in motion controls as a steering wheel in Gran Turismo 5. Just out of pure convenience for casual play. This takes it a step further with a pretty good price … [ Read More... ]