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CYBER MONDAY GAMING DEALS: The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition, AKIBA’s TRIP: Undead & Undressed, Rare Replay

Gaming Deals

Cyber Monday is here! We’ve been posting Gaming Deals all week. Gaming Deals is a special section of the website where you can find out about hot video game deals online.  Black Friday has gone and Cyber Monday here! Here are some great deals for one of the best sale seasons this year.

Until Dec 1st, SAVE 10% OFF on PlayStation Digital Codes. Use coupon code L1L2R1R2 at checkout.[ Read More... ]

Cover Art: Ironsword Wizards & Warriors II (NES)

Welcome to Cover Art! A section of the site where we look at a retro video game’s box cover art and briefly discuss it’s gameplay and legacy.

Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors II, good game, great cover! Released for the NES in 1989, Ironsword was the follow up to the hit Wizards & Warriors. A single player platformer developed by Zippo game and published by Rare; the game … [ Read More... ]

Former Rare Developers making a new game called Tengami for iPad

Independent game developer, Nyamyam (started by former Rare developers, famous for Donkey Kong Country and Perfect Dark) is working on Tengami, a puzzle game modelled around traditional Japanese arts and crafts.

Watch the gameplay video trailer for Tengami here…

Walking around in a Japanese pop up book you help the main character complete different puzzles using your iPad’s touch screen.

Tengami‘s release date will be first … [ Read More... ]