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CHEAP THRILLS: 5 Cheap games for Nintendo 3DS, 2DS and New 3DS

Most players of Nintendo‘s  3DS, 2DS and New 3DS consoles are used to shelling out a premium for games. Leaving some gamers playing the same thing until they can save up for another big purchase. With a wide array of games, some lesser known but still fun, you can have something new to play without burning a hole in your pocket.

Nintendo Selects (Nintendo)Nintendo Selects Cheap 3DS Games Nintendo has re-released  some

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D3Publisher announces Regular Show game

regular show game d3publisher

From the publisher that brought you last year’s Adventure Time game on the DS comes a game for the Cartoon Network show Regular Show. Regular Show, which is known for it’s surrealist scenes and throw-back comedy has never had a proper video game, only apps on smartphones. Furthermore, the series often features scenarios about video games. Even series creator is excited, tweeting “Duuudes. A for real Regular [ Read More... ]