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Pixar Artists Create Game Studio – Steel Wool Games

Pixar Artists Create Game Studio – Steel Wool Games

Artists from Disney’s Oscar winning animation studio Pixar, the studio behind Toy StoryRatatouille, Monsters Inc, and many more amazing family friendly films, have started a game studio. This new game studio is called Steel Wool Games. Its executive team is Sequoia Blankenship, Joshua Qualtieri, Jonathan Hoffman, Andrew Lee Dayton, and Jason Peter TopolskiSteel Wool Games has nine other … [ Read More... ]

Former WipeOut/Studio Liverpool Dev’s Start Their Own Company

Former WipeOut Studio Liverpool Devs Start Their Own Company

SCE Studio Liverpool was shut down last year by Sony. They were the team behind the Playstation futuristic racing game series Wipeout; a game which each Playstation console launched with an iteration of. Shortly after the studio was shutdown, 4 key members decided to start their own game development studio, which they’ve called Sawfly Studios, also located in Liverpool, England. In an interview with Gamasutra, they … [ Read More... ]