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Gaming Fan Art: Street Fighter

This week we feature some impressive Street Fighter fan art. Street Fighter characters have changed over the years with multiple costumes and styles. These beloved characters are represented in every art style out there by fans, as well as every perspective and with them performing every move.

Here’s a few of our favorite artistic representations of some Street Fighter characters.

Street Fighter V by BenjaminAng Fan ArtStreet Fighter V by BenjaminAng

Mai v Chun-Li by Vensin Fan ArtMai v Chun-Li by Vensin[ Read More... ]

Street Fighter V: Collector’s Edition, 20% OFF on Amazon

Street Fighter VStreet Fighter V is out! And for a limited time it’s on sale on Amazon through the Amazon Prime bonus offer for gamers.

This offer is always on for Amazon Prime Members with 20% OFF for all Pre-Order and New Release Games. Making Street Fighter V almost $12.00 off and the Street Fighter V Collector’s Edition almost $20.00 off through Amazon Prime

Street Fighter V - Collector's Edition - PlayStation 4

The Street Fighter V Collector’s Edition includes … [ Read More... ]

Better than planking: HADOKEN-ing

Oh Japan. Yet another thing you’ve given the world. The latest photo gag in Japan is HADOKEN-ing. Chances are if you were kid who played Street Fighter or watched DBZ, you’ve done this before. You basically pose in the classic Ryu fireball pose as your friend acts like they’re being blown back from the strike.

Check out the pics below…

Will this be a new thing for American’s … [ Read More... ]