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Cover Art: Strider (Sega Genesis)

Originally released for arcades in 1989, Strider, also known as Strider Hiryu in Japan, become one of Capcom’s early hits. A year later it was ported to the Sega Genesis and became a hit there too. Although multiple systems received a port of Strider, the Sega Genesis port became the most beloved. It was a pretty damn good port too only entirely outdone years later when an arcade [ Read More... ]

Top 5 Video Game Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes. Cosplay. Whats the difference?
Here is our Top 5 Halloween costumes for gamers!


8 Bit Link (Legend of Zelda)

Link from the Zelda series is a go to costume for many gamers. Some of these costumes are cheap and pathetic. Others are gloriously detailed. But at the end of the day, its still another Link costume. We thought this 8 bit Link cosplay gave it … [ Read More... ]

Games I Like: Sega Genesis Vol 1

Strider (1990 / Capcom)
Also known as Strider Hiryu in Japan. This is an arcade port of a side scrolling action game by Capcom. Strider is one of those games that you can play over and over. The gameplay is simple, yet challenging and offers you plenty of variety through its level design. You go everywhere from future Russia to the Amazon jungle… a flying battleship to a hidden … [ Read More... ]