Way Past Cool: Tekken Advance (GBA)

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I’ve decided that this blog needs another new category of rants, one about just really cool games. Now I’m not talking about my favorite games per say, but just those ones that are awesome for being what they are. To kick it off, I chose Tekken Advance on the GBA. Yeah, Tekken, EVERYWHERE YOU GO!!!! Now this would be like showing a light bulb to a cave man back in the day, however I’m sure there are some kids rolling their douchey little eyes while they rage quit Call of Gears of Halofieldzone 6 on their Microsoft DS Vitas or whatever it is those punks play now.

Anyway, this was basically Tekken 3 on the go. Except for the addition of one sweet and amazing feature…. TRIPLE TAG MATCH. Thats right! MVC2 style Triple Tag!. Not to mention this was portable, this game was just so amazingly cool!

So here’s the main point… Tekken Advance is basically Tekken 3 on the go, and its out dated now, but still feels and plays great. I love this game, and whenever I show it to people I always get a reaction. So if for no other reason get this game for something cool to show off.

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Spock’s Evil Twin

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