Hideo Kojima Says Snake Probably Won’t Be Played by Hugh Jackman

In a video clip posted on the official Metal Gear Solid Facebook page, Youtube show “” discusses some of the decisions going into casting the perfect Solid Snake for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid movieKojima and MGS movie director Avi Arad were considering Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman. Since then, they’ve reportedly decided to instead search for a lesser known actor who isn’t well known from other roles.

Nobody knows who will be selected yet, although if fan’s opinions are being considered at all David Hayter should be in the running. David Hayter is best known as the voice actor of Solid Snake and Big Boss in the Metal Gear Solid series. He is also an accomplished screenwriter (and he played The Guyver!).

Watch the clip here…

Metal Gear Solid Official Site

David Hayter Official Site 


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