Creators of Halo 4’s Forge Mode Created Some Tutorials

So you wanna know how to make your own maps in Halo 4’s Forge Mode? Well the cool people at Certain Affinity are here to help. They’ve published 4 tutorials on making Halo 4 maps ranging from the basics to more advanced setups for CTF and more. They even show you how to make a Mongoose race track in Halo 4.

Here’s the first video entitled Halo 4 Forge Tutorial – Forge Basics

So far, Certain Affinity’s Halo 4 tutorial videos cover the following topics… how to setup, Extraction, DominionKing of the Hill, Oddball, and Capture the Flag in Forge Mode. All of the Halo 4 Forge Mode how to videos can be found on their Youtube channel.

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