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Watch this high speed video show the creation of a “Megaropolis” in SimCity SNES

SimCity Megaropolis SNES

I came across this video while looking up some SimCity info a couple weeks back. It’s a cool video that shows you the process of building a Megalopolis (Megaropolis) in SimCity on the SNES. The video is mostly played at 3000% speed of the gameplay. That combined with the awesome music playing makes this quite entertaining. The music sounds like some crazy techno, cyberpunk music but is actually the … [ Read More... ]

Watch the Creator of SimCity discuss the new SimCity (2013)

Watch the Creator of SimCity discuss the new SimCity 2013

To put it lightly, Will Wright is a visionary game designer. Most notably, he’s responsible for SimCity and the Sims, 2 of the most successful games of all time. SimCity has recently been remade by his company Maxis although he did not take part in the development of the game. EA released a video featuring Will Wright giving his impressions and experiences playing the new SimCity. Wright also goes … [ Read More... ]

How to make Skyrim look better than Ultra Settings (RealVision ENB mod + more)

Skyrim may be old news to many of you, but for some gamers it’s still actively being played, in large part due to community mods (and because it’s awesome). With that said, PC gamers already enjoy the best looking version of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but that wasn’t enough for some gamers.

Behold Skyrim running on a PC with Ultra Settings, some ini changes and the RealVision [ Read More... ]