How to make Skyrim look better than Ultra Settings (RealVision ENB mod + more)

Skyrim may be old news to many of you, but for some gamers it’s still actively being played, in large part due to community mods (and because it’s awesome). With that said, PC gamers already enjoy the best looking version of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but that wasn’t enough for some gamers.

Behold Skyrim running on a PC with Ultra Settings, some ini changes and the RealVision ENB V1.3 Climates of Tamriel mod. This is truly great looking and gives even Crysis 3 a run for it’s money. (Heads Up: there’s quite a bit of chain mail bikini going on in the first 3 mins, which will likely please most of you out there.)

The creator of the video, SkyrimTuner, breaks it down for you. You need the RealVision ENB mod. You also need to tune up your skyrim.ini and skyrimprefs.ini. Then just max out all the graphics settings in the game. Finally, you need a rig that can handle it. This demo was recorded in 1080p on a pretty powerful gaming PC. Check out the specs below…

Intel i5-2500K@4,3GHz
NVidia GTX 680 OC GPU Boost @ 1200MHz
120GB SSD for Win7 64
60GB SSD for Skyrim
1TB HD 7200rpm

Overall, it’s a very good PC, but things get bigger and better since he over clocked the GPU and CPU. And oh yeah, a dedicated SSD just for Skyrim

Skyrim Skyrim Realistic ENB Max Settings screenshots

Skyrim Ultra Max Settings RealVision ENB Mod screenshot 3 Skyrim Ultra Max Settings RealVision ENB Mod screenshot 2 Skyrim Ultra Max Settings RealVision ENB Mod screenshot 1

Full Skyrim Realistic ENB Download & Instructions

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