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American McGee prepares for possible Alice 3: Otherlands kickstarter

American McGees Alice 3 Otherlands concept art 1

Back in March, we had posted about American McGee mentioning the wonderful thought of an Alice 3. He had asked fans to make some noise about the idea to get EA’s attention because they own the current publishing rights. The current title for the possible upcoming American McGee Alice game is.. Alice: Otherlands. American McGee states that it will be the final chapter to Alice’s adventures in the … [ Read More... ]

Maxis founder Will Wright calls SimCity DRM “inexcusable” & gives commentary on the game industry

Will Wright SimCity CreatorWill Wright, the luminary game designer and founder of Maxis sounded off on his opinions of the 2013 reboot of SimCity. Although he designed the original SimCity back in 1989, he left Maxis in 2009 to form his own company Stupid Fun Club. Since then, Maxis developed the latest in the SimCity franchise which was disastrously released this year. A disaster thanks to it’s requirement of an … [ Read More... ]

[Update] Another Need For Speed reboot (Rumored artwork revealed)

need for speed underground criterion remake

It’s no secret that Criterion Games is working on yet another “unannounced racing game.” In fact it would be quite a surprise to learn that Criterion was working on anything other than another fast paced high quality racing title. That’s why I was not in the least surprised when rumors began to surface about Criterion working on another Need for Speed title. Then at some point, when this particular logo … [ Read More... ]

Battlefield 4: Official 17 Minute Gameplay Trailer & Screenshots + Consoles & Release Date time frame

Battlefield 4 title

Well, this confirms the screenshots we found yesterday. Check out this 17 minute long trailer for Battlefield 4, it shows some cinematics and then gameplay. The presentation is top notch, with some of the best looking water I’ve seen in a video game.

Battlefield 4 17 minutes of gameplay trailer…

The hype text EA released to describe the game sums up Battlefield 4 like so…

Battlefield 4™ is the [ Read More... ]