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Maxis founder Will Wright calls SimCity DRM “inexcusable” & gives commentary on the game industry

Will Wright SimCity CreatorWill Wright, the luminary game designer and founder of Maxis sounded off on his opinions of the 2013 reboot of SimCity. Although he designed the original SimCity back in 1989, he left Maxis in 2009 to form his own company Stupid Fun Club. Since then, Maxis developed the latest in the SimCity franchise which was disastrously released this year. A disaster thanks to it’s requirement of an … [ Read More... ]

Watch this high speed video show the creation of a “Megaropolis” in SimCity SNES

SimCity Megaropolis SNES

I came across this video while looking up some SimCity info a couple weeks back. It’s a cool video that shows you the process of building a Megalopolis (Megaropolis) in SimCity on the SNES. The video is mostly played at 3000% speed of the gameplay. That combined with the awesome music playing makes this quite entertaining. The music sounds like some crazy techno, cyberpunk music but is actually the … [ Read More... ]

Offline SimCity clone Civitas cancels Kickstarter in favor of private backing

Offline SimCity clone Civitas cancels Kickstarter private backing

After the SimCity always online craze, almost instantly a SimCity clone, Civitas, was announced that will be offline and DRM free. They began funding the game via Kickstarter and it was on pace to hit 100% funding up until yesterday. That’s when project lead Brandon Smith announced that the Kickstarter has been cancelled because Civitas is now 100% funded by a private backer.

Announced via the Kickstarter page they … [ Read More... ]

[UPDATED] Modder discovers how to play SimCity 2013 offline

Maxis,and consequently EA, have both gotten a lot of heat for their decision to make SimCity an online only game. Gamers assumed it was purely for DRM (anti-piracy) purposes but Maxis has adamantly insisted that it’s for gameplay purposes, noting that it’s needed for simulation calculations on the server. Gaming blog RPS reported that an anonymous Maxis developer who worked on the 2013 SimCity told them that the … [ Read More... ]