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[UPDATED] Modder discovers how to play SimCity 2013 offline

Maxis,and consequently EA, have both gotten a lot of heat for their decision to make SimCity an online only game. Gamers assumed it was purely for DRM (anti-piracy) purposes but Maxis has adamantly insisted that it’s for gameplay purposes, noting that it’s needed for simulation calculations on the server. Gaming blog RPS reported that an anonymous Maxis developer who worked on the 2013 SimCity told them that the … [ Read More... ]

Fight against over 100 Mecha online in Mobile Suit Gundam Online

Mobile Suit Gundam Online is a free to play MMO action game that pits you against up to 104 players on a server. There are different mobile suit classes and multiple maps to play on. For the uninitiated, Gundam is a Japanese science fiction anime series that has spawned various iterations over the last 40 years. It’s often considered the “Star Wars of Japan.”

Here is the Mobile [ Read More... ]

Bethesda’s got heart. Seriously.

Redditor, lbcyber, made a post last month on reddit regarding the depression he experienced after his sister’s death. He said that Bethesda Softwork’s Skyrim allowed him to cope with the loss by offering him a world to escape in. He created a happy life for his character in the open world of Skyrim, which ultimately helped him feel better. The good folks over at Bethesda caught wind of … [ Read More... ]

[Updated] Sources “confirm” prototype PS4 Controller

PS4 Playstation 4 controller prototype

A photo of an alleged Playstation 4 controller has been posted on Destructoid and other gaming sites. The photo is supposedly an early prototype from PS4 developer kits (aka Playstation Orbis). Based on the photograph, we see the familiar Playstation face buttons, 2 analog sticks, a D-pad, the “PS” button and shoulder buttons. Interestingly, the analog sticks are round on the top with a smooth finish. Furthermore, some sort … [ Read More... ]