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[Updated] Sources “confirm” prototype PS4 Controller

PS4 Playstation 4 controller prototype

A photo of an alleged Playstation 4 controller has been posted on Destructoid and other gaming sites. The photo is supposedly an early prototype from PS4 developer kits (aka Playstation Orbis). Based on the photograph, we see the familiar Playstation face buttons, 2 analog sticks, a D-pad, the “PS” button and shoulder buttons. Interestingly, the analog sticks are round on the top with a smooth finish. Furthermore, some sort … [ Read More... ]

Say Hello to Nintendo Force, the “spiritual successor” to Nintendo Power

Nintendo Force Issue 1 Magazine Cover

Today marks the official launch of Nintendo Force, the self proclaimed “spiritual successor” to Nintendo’s own Nintendo Power magazine. Nintendo Power was, sadly, put to rest last month after a 25 year run. Nintendo Force, while not in any way directly endorsed by Nintendo, does however look to be pretty promising for fresh and exclusive Nintendo content. The idea seems to have been born in the … [ Read More... ]