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IGN bashes Soul Sacrifice for not being “arcadey”… begs the question why people visit that site anymore

Soul Sacrifice Playstation Vita screenshot 1

In the usual perpetuation of media trash that spews from IGN (and other mainstream gaming sites) is yet another article bashing a quality title for not being easy enough. Rather than praising the title for it’s qualities, they made a whole video complaining about how Soul Sacrifice is not an easy enough game to play. They described it as having a “steep learning curve” and not being “arcadey”. By their … [ Read More... ]

Watch Sony’s Playstation Meeting 2013 Live Stream Here!

Watch Sony Playstation Meeting 2013

What do you think Sony will talk about at the Playstation Meeting 2013?

We predict:

  • Playstation 4 (Orbis) announcement
  • Playstation Vita Price Drop
  • New games (hopefully The Last Guardian)
  • Discussion of new PSN features

Let’s see how this plays out. Currently, the Playstation site is having some intermittent issues, giving the error Connection Reset. In server lingo, that means too many visitors are on the site. The … [ Read More... ]

Say Hello to Nintendo Force, the “spiritual successor” to Nintendo Power

Nintendo Force Issue 1 Magazine Cover

Today marks the official launch of Nintendo Force, the self proclaimed “spiritual successor” to Nintendo’s own Nintendo Power magazine. Nintendo Power was, sadly, put to rest last month after a 25 year run. Nintendo Force, while not in any way directly endorsed by Nintendo, does however look to be pretty promising for fresh and exclusive Nintendo content. The idea seems to have been born in the … [ Read More... ]

WiiU: ZombiU, a possible system seller?


So who here likes to kill zombies? Yeah, I figured you might. Well then you should be as psyched as I am about the Ubisoft’s new zombie game called, ZombiU. This game is being released as a Wii U exclusive title. Ubisoft made quite a splash at E3 and are even being called the new EA or Activision as a major 3rd party game company, putting out AAA[ Read More... ]