WiiU: ZombiU, a possible system seller?


So who here likes to kill zombies? Yeah, I figured you might. Well then you should be as psyched as I am about the Ubisoft’s new zombie game called, ZombiU. This game is being released as a Wii U exclusive title. Ubisoft made quite a splash at E3 and are even being called the new EA or Activision as a major 3rd party game company, putting out AAA titles, except they aren’t showing signs of heavy DLC rape.


This reveal trailer from E3 certain does set the correct mood for this game.:



It really does look pretty impressive. I like the way the Wii U uses its new controller, I have a feeling that this will change the common clumsiness of zombie games. As demonstrated in this video:



Is it just me or does that look pretty cool? Yeah I thought you’d agree. Also you can see that this game has some fairly in-depth combat, using a melody of melee and ranged weapons including a crossbow. Another nice touch is looting, which seems to have become common in the types of FPS now, which is good.



ZombiU is based in present day London, and takes the best parts of all the greatest horror games and movies, and puts its own unique and welcome twist on it. It also has a unique mechanic, when you die, there is no respawn. Instead, you’re transferred to play as another survivor. Then you can find your old zombie self, and kill it to recoup your equipment. How cool does that sound? This is shaping up to be one very memorable game.


As you’ll see in this 10 minute gameplay video:



However, its possible that this game won’t be totally Wii U exclusive, like RE4. Tony Key, the senior VP of Sales and Marketing for Ubisoft, mentioned in an IGN interview that while there would have to be a lot of changes to ZombiU to put it on another system that would reduce its fun, it was not impossible, simply not within the near future. However like RE4, its possible that this will get ported around to other systems, after first being a Nintendo exclusive.



I guess we’ll see… won’t Wii……..U?


Either way, this is being shown as a core title for Wii U, and this is just the kind of game that the Wii U needs in order to be taken seriously. Keep those boomsticks loaded, and look out for ZombiU on Wii U.



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